How to grow your revenue stream on podcast
Kate Lockie (Acast UK)
Robert Abel (The Guardian)

In this session Kate Lockie from Acast UK and Robert Abel from The Guardian will inspire you and make you understand the full potential within monetization and how to create an editorially and commercially successful podcasting unit. Kate is Commercial Partnerships Director at Acast, she works closely with some of the UK’s biggest publishing houses. 

Kate is an expert in unlocking and creating new monetization opportunities, working closely and alongside Acasts sales teams as well as existing inhouse-sales teams to help publishers maximize their revenue. With Robert Abel, Head of Commercial Audio Strategy at the Guardian, Acast show a case study on how they in partnership with the Guardian, grew the revenue stream on a news podcast. Hear the learnings they made along the way and how they managed to monetize a news format, a format that is rumored to be as difficult to sell on as a true crime! 

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