Scripted audio – what’s next in audiodrama?
Jakob Munck (Munck)
Karin Bäckmark (Spotify)

Spotify Sweden’s first scripted original audio drama – De Fria – launched on January 20th of 2022, after two years of development and production. 

This ambitious high-end production was created to push the boundaries of audio storytelling, and challenge the perception of what a podcast is.  

De Fria was recorded on location, with the cast wearing head mics acting out their parts in costume. 

Award-winning film & tv director Peter Grönlund, making his debut in audio production, and a cast of Sweden’s star-studded actor talent added credibility and excitement to the project. 

To create an immersive listening experience the recording was made in spatial audio/8D, allowing the audience to enter the world of De Fria by just closing their eyes. 

De Fria was published weekly, in eight episodes.  

Join Karin Bäckmark, Head of Podcast Spotify Nordics and Jakob Munck, CEO and founder of Munck Studios in a conversation about scripted audio, spatial audio, the freedom of not having to show the story, and what’s next in audio storytelling.

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