From old news on print to viral hit on TikTok (Virtual Session)
Dave Jorgenson (Washington Post)

A man known as ‘Washington Post TikTok guy’ has been going viral on the internet showing us all how a traditional journalistic media can reach out to a new audience on SoMe.

The newspaper is based in Washington D.C. and it has now over 1.3m fans on the video-sharing social media app, and has become popular for its hilarious news videos that are created by ‘Washington Post TikTok Guy’ and is growing team.

Meet the man, whose real name is Dave Jorgenson at Audiodays, and hear him talk about how the reaching out to a young audience and their strategy going forward – is TikTok just good for marketing or does it benefit a news organization like The Washington Post to be on TikTok? Do they get more readers? Or is it pure branding?

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